Stakehouse Sports

Show off your football smarts in our brand new prediction game!

Stakehouse Sports is a unique fantasy game experience.

Pick a team to win or cover Predict the score for each team to:
  • Predict the winner
  • Predict the spread
  • Predict the over/under
  • Earn bonus points with any exact prediction
Earn 1 point if you're right
Earn nothing if you're wrong
Earn up to 10 points with a single prediction
Create different entries for spread or side One entry is all you need
Prediction Screen

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Latest Stakehouse Sports Podcast - Episode 17 - NFL Week 13 Recap

Paul and Chris are back together again and have a dynamite show. We enjoy some more Woodinville Whiskey at the saloon while talking about the high-noon games coming in Week 14.

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Throughout the 2018-2019 NFL season, our crowd was up 31 units against the spread, going 144-113 with 10 pushes.
Against the total, the crowd was up 18 units, going 140-122 with 5 pushes.

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